We offer that the stud welding system to the inspection machine to development, manufacture and sales by in-house consistent system.

Stud welding system and industrial fastener of the high quality are supported to the customer with in-house consistent system from technological development to the manufacturing sales in total.

We support it from new technological of stud arc welding development in total by a in-house consistent system like the manufacturing sales, the customer's quality improvement, and propose of reduction in costs as a special manufacturer.
Our target is a thing to offer the stud welding system of the high quality speedily.
Original welding system development in technology, In manufacturing, it is a high-speed, steady production system, and We answer an advanced demand of a manufacturing sales and other customer of weliding stud, female stud, and various industrial fasteners by abundant knowledge that has been cultivated so far and certain technologies.
As a special manufacturer, in-house consistent system from technological development to sales is the proof.
The technology was evaluated by 【 The 2nd one-making Japanese grand prize excellent prize 】 winning the Ministry of Economy, and Industry.
  • external thread/<br />internal thread
  • Magnesium alloy stud elding system
  • Welding machine
It positively works on the joint technology of magnesium alloy for the car lightening .development at ASIA GIKEN CO., LTD

Product list such as stud welding machines.

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第8回 産学連携フェア 自動車技術展

New Office&Factory were completed!
Our new office & factory were completed on Nov.'08.
So, Our office & factory moved to new address.

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第8回 産学連携フェア 自動車技術展

We're going to exhibit to "8th industry-university co-operation cooperation fair car technology exhibition"that is held in West Japan General Exhibition Center,KITAKYUSHU on 8th-10th October '08.

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第8回 産学連携フェア 自動車技術展

We're going to exhibit to "M-tech the 11th machine element technological exhibition in Kansai"that is held in INTEX OSAKA on 1th-3th October '08.

In Details 「New topics & News


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